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Dominate the turf with professional landscaping logos

According to industry associations, there are more than 22 million households in the United States that regularly employ professional landscape and lawn care services. This adds up to total revenue of nearly $15 billion annually. But to tap into this lucrative market, you’re going to need a professional image.

Equally important as a reliable truck or properly maintained equipment, a professional landscaping logo is the face of your business, enabling your brand image to speak to thousands of people at once through the web, on fliers, emblazoned on the side of your truck or the back of a t-shirt. Featuring a specialized combination of words and images, landscaping logos provide an almost unlimited potential for advertising as you or your crew travel around town servicing existing customers.

Put your landscaping logo to work by including three crucial components

As a landscaper, you're familiar with the power of an attractive design. But unlike a manicured yard, elaborate garden or expansive field, a landscaping logo has considerably less real estate with which to work – which means every element has to be in balance and on target. Therefore your goal is to transfer your creativity in landscape design into a singular branded image that clearly states what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for. Not sure where to start? Here are three tips for creating a landscaping logo that’s eye-catching, memorable and persuasive.


园林绿化行业涵盖广泛的服务。你专注于它们哪?你迎合个别房主,公寓和公寓,还是高端企业的理由?获得更具体的,那种工作,你会怎么做:基本割草,床维修,对冲修剪或灌木艺术?这些和其他特色发挥到您的服务的独特优势 - 好处,你可以很容易地转化为文字和图片是有效区分你的竞争对手。

2. Target your demographic.

Who is your ideal customer? Figure out exactly who will use your landscaping services most and then try to come up with a list of the concerns that might be important to them. This will further help define the scope of your landscaping logo as you can directly address those concerns and desires in the images you select. You can even create a tagline that speaks directly to the biggest selling point. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, ask friends and family for help. And if you’ve been in business for a while, solicit ideas from some of your longtime customers. In particular, ask them what it is about your service they like best and rely on the most.


你节省客户的时间,金钱,精神紧张,体力消耗或以上所有的?这些都是与美化服务相关的共同利益只是几个例子。通过列出您的独特优势,你也可以通过突出显示,你击败其他供应商方面能够与竞争对手进一步自己的立场。Words like “speedy,” “green,” “neat”, “friendly,” “meticulous,” “careful” and others go a long way toward making a lasting impression on a property owner who may be worried about how you’ll conduct yourself while on their grounds. Which brings us to the three magic words: “licensed,” “bonded” and “insured.” If you’re covered against accidents, whether to yourself or the grounds you’re working on, make sure to include mention of that in your landscaping logo.